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Numismatics Byzantine Coins and Their ValuesByzantine Coins and Their Values
By David R. Sear
(with the collaboration of Simon Bendall and Michael Dennis O'Hara)

This provides a complete type catalogue of the entire Byzantine coinage, spanning almost a thousand years, from the fall of the Roman Empire in the West in the late 5th century AD to the conquest of Constantinople by the Turks in the mid-15th century. It provides more information in a concise form than any other single-volume work on the coinage of the Christian Empire in the East. The 1987 edition contains a thorough revision of the post-1204 section of the catalogue undertaken by Simon Bendall, the noted specialist in late Byzantine coinage; and a valuable appendix on modern forgeries contributed by Michael O'Hara, who has done considerable research on this important topic.

Byzantine Coins and Their Values526 catalogue pages, including 34 pages of introductory articles, 7 maps, and table of monograms; 2,645 coin types catalogued with valuations, plus 93 modern forgeries; over 600 photographic illustrations (by P. Frank Purvey) in the text; published by Seaby, London, 1987.

Price $100.00 plus $12.00 postage & handling (domestic orders) or $20.00 (abroad)..

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